What measures are being taken to make this a safe event?

We understand the importance of social distancing and making sure that both our attendees and staff are safe.  While watching, all attendees are required to stay in or near their vehicle during the event unless walking to the restroom, participating in a game tournament, or purchasing food.  If playing and participating in our Super Smash Bros tournament, we highly encourage and recommend for all tournament participants to bring their own controller.  We'll have some controllers to rent ($5 each) in limited amounts, and we'll be cleaning each controller thoroughly after each use. All game tournament participants will also be required to stand at least six feet apart from each other while playing. Any game observers must remain near or in their vehicle and cannot be around the game systems unless actually playing in it at that time. Game tournament participants will receive a text when it is their turn to play, and we'll have digital signs explaining who's coming up to play. Please pay attention or when your match is up, or risk being forfeited.

If you are feeling unwell, stay home.

How will the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament work?

Preregistration through SAK Gaming is required prior to participating in the tournaments. Registrations for both the Game On Mega Drive In event and tournament are required to participate. Attendees will be in their cars or immediately outside of their cars during the whole event, and we’ve sectioned out areas for cars to be distant from each other. We’ll have digital screens showing who’s playing and who’s coming up and at what station. The station setups will be off to the side and spaced apart. When a station opens up, we’ll text the players to come out of their car and head to the gaming area. We’ll have designated marked spots to sit that will be spaced apart, and we highly encourage and recommend that participants in the tournaments bring their own controllers. We’ll have a few to rent, and we’ll sanitize those controllers between each use, but those controllers will be limited. In addition we’ll sanitize the chairs between each participant change as well. Social distancing will be strictly implemented during the whole event.

Can I sell my ticket or get a refund if I can no longer attend?

No, unfortunately tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable.

What happens if it rains?

Inclement weather conditions will result in the event being rescheduled to a future weekend. Your ticket(s) can be used then.

I purchased passes to Game On Expo 2020, can I use those for this event?

No, the Game On Mega Drive In is a separate event, and any passes purchased for the Game On Expo event are not transferable to this event.

Can I bring in my own food and drinks?

Yes, you can bring in your own food and drinks, however alcohol consumption is not permitted. Please be sure to dispose of any trash in the appropriate trash receptacles.  Food will be available to purchase on site as well.

How will the event audio be heard?

The audio will be available through a radio frequency station. Attendees can tune into that radio station to hear it through the radio.

Will there be clean restrooms available?

Yes, all onsite restrooms will be cleaned and sanitized throughout the event.

Where can I sit to watch?

You can either sit in your vehicle, or the bed of your truck if you have one. You can also sit on the outside of your vehicle within 4ft of it, while maintaining social distances from other attendees.   For your safety and your viewing pleasure, sitting on top of vehicles is not permitted.

Can I choose my parking spot?

No, spots will be assigned on a first come first serve basis.